Business Advisory Council

The Community Development Foundation’s Business Advisory Council is revolutionizing our local business network.

The Community Development Foundation (CDF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded by members of Cumberland County’s private sector. It is committed to growing our economy by supporting local businesses, encouraging job creation, and promoting development opportunities to outside investors.

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is a new platform encouraging collaboration across Fayetteville and Cumberland County. Open to private sector companies, regardless of size or industry, it is dedicated to facilitating connections, identifying growth opportunities, highlighting successful businesses, and shaping the economic development process. The BAC will promote the growth of our economy, create opportunities for local businesses, and attract outside investment.

The BAC participates in dynamic engagement by

  • Linking companies by sector and interest
  • Celebrating our private sector and existing industries
  • Recognizing and promoting success stories
  • Creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and small businesses to connect with larger companies
  • Engaging new sectors and business leaders in the conversation


Why get involved?
BAC members will have the opportunity to

  • Participate in sector-specific programming and events throughout the year
  • Network with business leaders from across the community
  • Attend annual events highlighting the work of members, non-members, and community partners
  • Be promoted on the BAC’s website
  • Take an active role in new business recruitment and economic development

For more information on membership, contact us here.